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Hi there, my name is Sander van de Vondervoort, a webdesigner / developer from the Netherlands.

Ever since my dad launched our family website back in 2000 I was interested in making my own pages. I started making all sorts of puzzles and sliced them up to make them interactive in MS FrontPage. After my dad found out I was into websites he thought it would be a good idea for me to sign up on a course for creating and coding simple websites. This is where I learned to code using Coffeecup HTML Editor.

When I got to the 3rd grade in high school I got in contact with a friend who introduced me to Macromedia's Dreamweaver. During this period I also started playing around with Mark Overmars' Gamemaker and created a lot of games. These games required a webpage so people could find and download the games. That's when I designed and created my first website. Around this period I started playing online games and joined gaming teams. I even started my own teams just so I could create websites for them.

After high school I went to Sint Lucas, a post-secondary college, where I took the Interactive Design study for 4 years. During these 4 years I did some freelance work which included websites, corporate identities and print. This is also when I figured I would later want to start my own business in webdesign and development but I still had a long way to go because I really didn't have any experience with Content Management Systems which would make me and the clients life a lot more easier in managing the website.

When I finished post-secondary college I immediately got the opportunity to start working at idreams (Oss), a web design agency that has its own CMS. This is where a colleague really taught me to design great websites using Adobe Illustrator. I still use illustrator to date to design my websites, which some people think is a bit weird. After a year I moved to Zwolle with my girlfriend and found a job at IDinteractive, a web design agency that also has its own CMS build from on the open source CMS Contao. This is where I learned HTML, CSS and jQuery.


The website / brand I'm working on now, Well-Made, is also build on Contao. It is the playground for my creativity and I hope it can and will inspire everyone who visits. Check out the work I have done in the past, and surely check back for new work to come!


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Web Development
Graphic Design

Book collection

  • HTML & CSS Book
  • The Smashing Book #1
  • The Smashing Book #2
  • The Smashing Book #3 - Redesigning The Web
  • The Smashing Book #3 - Redesigning The Web - The Extension
  • The Smashing Mobile Book


Valerie Geelen (2014)

Well-Made (2013)

Valerie Geelen (2013)

Co-op Buddehs

Private Alien

Bink Interieurs

Black Sector

Musters Koeriers


Today is the day! The new and improved Well-Made portfolio is live. This time it's a flat design, one-page inspired design.

I'm currently designing and developing a page where friends that play games and stream can create their own personal stream space within the "Co-op Buddehs!" website / group.

Today my newest clients website has been launched. Go check it out at Valeriegeelen.nl

Hello world

Hi and welcome to my blog. This is the first post of the blog and is nothing but a simple test.



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